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Hours & Attendance

Calico Kids Day Care is open Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:3pm.  


If your child will not be attending on any given day, we ask that you notify us before the child is scheduled to arrive.  If you know in advance that your child will not be attending on any given date, please let us know as early as possible.

Although it rarely happens, we encourage all parents to have back-up child care in the event that day care must be closed for any reason.

Late Pick-Up

Parents are asked to pick their children up by their scheduled pick-up time.  If for any reason you are going to be late, please notify us as soon as possible.  If you will be picking up after 5:30 p.m. there will be an additional fee of $1.00 per minute per child starting at 5:30, payable to the person on duty at the time of pick-up. The late fee is only charged if you are late more than three times during a 12 month period, and not for weather related late pick-up.


Please park cars in the circle when you drop your child off. If you have an infant and have a lot to carry, or if the weather is bad, please feel free to pull down the driveway. If it is snowing out and the plow may need to go around the circle, please pull down the driveway.

Holidays, Vacations, & Closings
We are closed for two breaks during the year; one at Christmas and the other the third week of July. We are closed for Thanksgiving break (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday), two education days and five other holidays. We are not typically closed for weather related days unless we don't have electricity or the weather is extreme. If we are scheduled to be open we are, almost without exception, open.


Coats and other outdoor clothing should be left downstairs in the closet.  This includes boots and/or shoes that may be muddy or sandy.  Diaper bags should be placed either on the rack above the hook or directly under the hook on the floor.  Please do not hang diaper bags or back packs on the hooks.  Please be sure that the doorway is kept clear at all times. 


We ask that your child be dressed appropriately for the weather. If in doubt send a change of clothing.  All clothing should be marked with your child’s name. Children are not allowed to wear or bring baseball style caps to day care.  Hats cannot have a bill, we have found that the bills can hit into other children and cause bruising.  We also ask that the children wear sneakers, not sandals, in the summer.  This is for your child's protection as we have found sandals can be dangerous while the children are running and playing outside. 

Toys & Personal Belongings
Please do not allow your child to come to day care with toys, as we cannot be responsible for loss or damage.  Also, please no candy, gum or other “junk food”, money, cough drops, or balloons (deflated or inflated).  No umbrellas or sunglasses.  The items mentioned present a serious danger to your child’s health and safety.  We ask that these items be left at home, not in the closet.

Calico Provides a healthy lunch daily, as well as snacks. We follow the guide lines of the USDA Child Care Food Program but are not members of this program.  If you would like to help provide the children with nutritious snacks please let us know.  We really appreciate the help from parents.  We can always use juice, fruit, crackers, cheese, yogurt, slice and bake cookies, cheerios, etc.  Children are served organic milk from Shaw Farm Dairy in Dracut, Ma.


For a sample menu, click here.

Nap Time
Nap and rest time for infants is very open.  Infants nap as needed in "pack and plays" provided by the parents.  Infants will only sleep in their own pack and play and no other infant will use your infant’s pack and play at any time.  Older children nap from approximately 12:00 (after lunch) until 2:30pm in parent-provided sleeping bags.


If you need to pick your child up during nap time, please let us know before arriving so that we may have them ready without disturbing the other sleeping children. If the shades in the day care room are down, the children are sleeping.  Please either wait for the shades to go up, or come to the front door.   

Illness Policy  
No child will be accepted at daycare if they have, or have had in the past 24 hours, a temperature of 101 or over.  Your child may return to daycare when their temperature has been below 101 for 24 hours without the aid of Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, etc. If your child has vomited, has diarrhea, discharge from the eyes, or any suspicious rash in the past 24 hours, please keep your child at home.  Parents will be notified to pick their child up if any of the above symptoms appear during the daycare hours. 
We ask that children not come to day care with medication.  If possible, please ask your physician to prescribe medication that can be given twice a day so that it may be administered at home.  If there is a critical situation and your child does need to have medication at the daycare, it must come with a doctor’s note, in a single dose pharmacy labeled bottle (the label must state the child’s name, doctor’s name, type of medication, dose, and other necessary information), and you must fill out a permission form before you leave. 

Potty Training  

We are often asked about potty training - we are experts in that field! When you and your child reach this exciting milestone we are here to work with you!

If you ever have concerns or problems please do not hesitate to speak with us.  I can be reached by phone day or evening.  If it concerns your child, it is best to speak in private where they cannot hear what is being discussed, so a phone call works well.  We are never too busy to take the time to speak with you. Also, please be honest, if you have a problem and don't let us know, we certainly can't fix it. It is our goal to keep you and your child as happy as possible!
With cooperation from everyone we can make this a successful and positive experience for your child.  We look forward to a long and happy relationship with you and your child.




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